Todd R. Timberlake

Todd R. Timberlake

Todd R. Timberlake

President/ Escrow Officer

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With a forever passion to follow in his father’s footsteps after growing up in the business, Todd began working for Service Title at a young age learning the many “nuts and bolts” of the full title and business process. Now, as Vice President and Escrow Officer, Todd is known for his patience, diplomacy and light hearted wit while carrying out his continued life passion.

“Service is selling a product to customers (realtors, lenders, buyers and sellers) with unwavering accuracy and dedication in a consistent manner regardless of the type of transaction or the parties involved.”

Todd’s greatest reward of his job is seeing everything come together and the smiles of appreciation on the customer’s faces when the final documents are signed and the deal is done. “The most flattering part is when those folks become life-long customers.”

Todd, a Lubbock High School graduate, attended Texas Tech University where he majored in General Studies in Arts and Sciences with minors in RWFM, English, and History. Todd and wife Cassandra married in 2009 and are the proud parents of their daughter Teagan and Son Tyson. When Todd is not working a transaction his other passions include spending time with his family while also enjoying cars, sports, traveling and politics.